Know How to Play an Unplayable MOV

Everyone has fun watching films, isn’t it? In the present busy world, people relax watching some entertaining videos on their personal computers. These movie files constitute of different file types. One of the common format is MOV.  This file type is most preferred since it is compatible to be played on both Mac and Windows operating system.  At first, it was introduced for Mac operating system as a part of Mac installation. Later versions were launched for Windows system as a third-party tool.

To play and view MOV videos, one need to have an installed QuickTime player. Due to this MOV files are generally referred as QuickTime files. Apart from MOV files, QuickTime contains codecs that support other different formats of videos. It is annoying when you realize one of your favorite movies that you took a long time to download is corrupted. You put all your efforts in searching for your video over the net and downloading it. You tried fixing it from various tips that you got from the net and it did not work. How to play corrupt MOV?? Will you download it again?? Stop wasting your valuable time since this article deals with a remedy to fix this issue, in just a matter of instant. The remedy discussed here is an efficient repair tool called Repair MOV File. It  is an amazing software that you can believe on to give a perfect solution. Have a look at the reasons behind the MOV file corruption before discussing more regarding the software

Aspects behind the MOV file corruption:

  • The corrupted MOV header is one of the reasons that makes MOV files unplayable on the QuickiTime player
  • MOV videos get damaged as a result of CRC error caused while downloading a video from a internet
  • Harmful virus attacks on QuickTime files while using the network communication or connecting infected device can damage it
  • Compressing MOV videos using unreliable software can also lead to damage to movie files
  • MOV files can be corrupted when they are played with the use of inappropriate media players

Reliable features of Repair MOV File:

Repair MOV File is effectively known for its efficiency to perform corrupt MOV repair on MOV video files and bring back the original clarity of the files. Check below for some of the effective features that this software constitutes of

fix error in MOV file: When a MOV file is corrupted the operating systems prompts different type of errors describing the form of the issue caused. These errors make the MOV files unplayable. If the issue is basically one it can be easily solved by using some operations on QuickTime. But if the reason for the corruption is not known then How to play corrupt MOV? Don't worry!! You can fix it with this tool. In this case, use Repair Corrupt MOV to resolve the errors by performing corrupt MOV repair.

QuickTime files not playing: QuickTime files happen to have the best clarity in videos. As a result of different events that happen in the system, these files undergo a damage. Such videos when played using a QuickTime player shows a corrupt video error. To fix such MOV videos make use of this effective software that has the capability to fix movie not playing because of different issues

Fix out of sync audio MOVDuring the times of MOV file damage either you cannot be able to play the video or there might be problems with audio or video stream.  When a damaged MOV video is played there can be synchronization errors in audio and video files which makes the video unpleasant to watch. Hence, the video has to be repaired for this issue. How to play corrupt MOV? Don’t worry!! This tool is capable of fixing all the damage and facilitates the preview of the repaired video before saving them back to the system

How to repair a corrupt MOV file on Mac?

Repair Corrupt MOV is the best software that is not only built for Windows, you also have versions to fix MOV files on Mac operating system. This software can be easily executed on Windows versions like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Mac operating systems like High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion etc.

Simple steps to play an unplayable MOV video

#1. Launch the Repair Corrupt MOV utility in your system

#2. Browse through the location of MOV file

#3. Click on the Repair icon

#4. Preview and save the fixed MOV file to a suitable location

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