MOV is a popularly used video file format which is used in various multimedia gadgets such as iPod, iPad, Smartphone, iPhone, etc. The main feature of MOV is that they can store multiple video and audio tracks independent of each other. Moreover, in order to edit these files you don’t need to rewrite the data after editing.

Sometimes you may encounter with certain conditions when certain MOV files fails to behave usually and refuse to play on any digital media player and display an error message like “The MOV file seems to be like broken, attempt to repair?” After this error, many user may get disappointed with such drastic situations like you are able to see the picture but not hearing the sound or sound but not picture, picture freezes and the sound will continue or picture gets struck and many more. This type of behavior shows that the MOV file is broken and in order to play it properly you need to repair it by using any good video repair software like Corrupt MOV software. It repairs broken MOV files which refuse to play on QuickTime or any other media players. You will be able to perform repairing of QuickTime files not playing on Windows or Mac operating system.

Reasons behind Corruption of MOV File:

  • Header Corruption: Header of any file like MOV file stores the first origin of the block for the file on the system hard drive. The header files have various specification of the file like file name, file size, last modification and date of creation of file, etc. So, if the header of the MOV file is missing then the MOV file can’t be recognized by any media player and in turn cannot play that broken video file. You can use this software to play broken MOV file or perform repairing of corrupt MOV file.
  • External Threats: When a MOV file gets infected by harmful threats like malware, virus, spyware, Trojan, etc. then it can damage the structure of the MOV video file will get broken if the internal file components like header or codec’s gets altered by those viruses. This type of threats can harm the MOV file badly leaving the MOV video file in incomplete state. In such case, you may think about how to play broken MOV files, then you can this software to fix broken MOV video files.
  • Broken MOV Files After Improper Recovery: Recovering of deleted/ lost MOV video files using unreliable file recovery software may damage the MOV file structure during the recovery process.
  • Error While Downloading: The MOV video file may get broken while it is getting downloaded from web. This happens when you experience interruptions like sudden system shutdown, power failures, low network connection, etc. during the download process.

Features of Corrupt MOV software:

  • Play Corrupt MOV software is one of the effective broken MOV file repair software which can fix errors in MOV files irrespective for the cause of corruption.
  • It also supports repairing of broken MOV files on Windows operating system.
  • This software supports all latest brands of digital cameras such as Kodak, Samsung, Panasonic, Canon, Olympus, Sony, Contour, etc.
  • It has been designed specifically for Mac OS so it works well with all the advanced versions of Mac Operating System such as Snow Leopard, Leopard, Lion, Yosemite, Mavericks, etc.
  • Using this software, you can also repair damaged or corrupt AVI, MP4 files with great ease. For more details, you can visit this link:

Steps to Play Broken MOV Files:

Step 1: First of all, install Corrupt MOV software on your system. Run the software, browse and select the path of the broken MOV file to broken MOV files.

How To Play Broken MOV Files - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Page

Step 2: Now when you click on next option, the scanning process will start.

Fix Broken MOV File- Open PST Screen

Fig 2: Repair Progress Screen

Step 3: Once the scanning process is over, the software facilitate a option to preview the repaired file. Select and preview the file.

Repair Broken MOV- Select Destination Path

Fig 3: Preview Fixed MOV

Step 4: Save the fixed broken MOV file to any preferred location after you purachse the software.

Broken MOV Repair- Preview Outlook folders

Fig 4: Save Repaired MOV