All who watch movies must be aware of MOV video format?? Generally, most of the movies that you happen to come across uses MOV file format. They are most preferred format for videos since it offers a high digital clarity. MOV file formats are supported on QuickTime player since it facilitates the codec to play a MOV file. You cannot predict when your QuickTime files can face a damage. Dangers can impend to your system at point of time.

Suppose, take a case where you were watching your favorite video. As your friend needed your help you left your laptop in the same state. As you returned after offering the help you noticed that your laptop is off. As you charged the laptop and switch on the it and played the video, you noticed an error saying the video is corrupt and unable to play. It was so disgusting since you lost one of your favorite films. You search on google some solution to the sort of this problem and found some tips, but you were not able to fix them. Don’t worry!! Your video will be right back in its original state after employing the effective repair tool given on this page. Fix MOV File software is one of the popular software that is well known for its result to fix QuickTime error

Follow these basic tips to avoid the corruption of MOV files:

  • Use and updated antivirus software to scan the impending threats on your system
  • Follow a proper compression method to compress your MOV file
  • Keep your laptop always charged or connect desktop with UPS to avoid file damage due to power problems

Basic scenarios that cause damage on QuickTime files:

Incomplete download:  Today all latest films are available online and hence most of them prefer to download it from the net then purchasing a CD or going to the theater. While downloading a movie which is generally of large size you may encounter different scenarios such as that caused the damage of MOV files and make them inaccessible and you may have to fix QuickTime error to make it playable

Codec error: MOV files play on Quicktime player since it consist of the codec to support the playing of MOV files.  Sometimes when QuickTime files are played using this player any sort of problem in codec can cause the damage on MOV videos. Hence, it's advised not to play MOV files using any inappropriate media players.

Virus attacks: Virus can impend on your system at unpredictable times.  They take charge on your system either when an infected file is shared on your system or downloading a harmful file from the internet. These attacks the MOV files along with the others files and cause data damage and cause errors when MOV files are played

Now QuickTime Error Repair Tool tool is here to get all your issues solved. Just download the tool on your system and follow  the simple steps mentioned in further part of this page to fix quicktime error.

QuickTime Error Repair Tool utility is one of the efficient software that can constitutes of powerful algorithms to find the root cause of the problem and resolve it in a few minutes of time. It can repair out of sync audio error along with video stream in a best form. Refer Here to know about how to fix error mov file that is out of sync. Apart from QuickTime Error Repair, this software also supports installation on both Mac and Windows operating system of new versions to fix error mov file. With the help of this software, fixing corrupted MP4 video files also becomes easy as it has powerful algorithms to repair MP4 files.

This tool is capable to fix corrupted movies that are damaged and unable to play. You can preview the  fixed video right after the fixing process using the preview facility provided in this tool.  It can repair MOV files of videos captured from different camcorders like Kodak, FujiFilm, Olympus, Canon, Panasonic and so on

Steps to fix error MOV file:

Step 1:Download and install the Fix Error MOV File software on the system. Lauch the software by clicking the icon. Browse and select the damaged QuickTime file that you want to fix

Fix Error MOV File  - Main Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

Step 2: Now the scanning process initiates to fix error MOV file and the progress in shown below

Fix Error MOV File  - Video Scan Screen

Fig 2: Scanning Progress

Step 3: After the scan it provides a preview option to view the fixed file

Fix Error MOV File - View Fixed Video

Fig 3: Preview Fixed MOV Video

Step 4: Save the repaired MOV file on any location after the purchase

Fix Error MOV File - Save Fixed video

Fig 4: Save Repaired QuickTime File