How to Fix Out of Sync Audio Error?

People generally love spending with the family watching films during their leisure times. Watching movies release oneself from the all sorts of tensions. Generally, you might have observed most of the movie format are .mov extensions. This format is more preferred since it offers a high clarity in audio and video streams.

Consider a common case, where you decided to watch a film with the family. You collected one of the latest movie from your friend and reached home to enjoy watching the movie with your family. As you were cherishing the moment at a particular instant of time the video turned to be annoying. There was no synchronization between the video and audio played. All the happiness with the family was lost for such an annoying issue in the video. Such synchronization problems generally occur when there is a damage on the video or audio streams of the file. How to Fix Out of Sync Audio Error? Want to know how to fix out of sync audio MOV? Then this is the best article the method to fix out of sync audio MOV files. For this you need to download MOV Out Of Sync Audio Repair Tool and follow some simple steps. Refer to fix unable to play MOV file

What are the reasons behind out of sync errors in MOV files?

Use of Incorrect Media Player: MOV files generally play on QuickTime media player. When a user having no knowledge regarding this can end up damaging the files by opening it on any other unsupported media player.

Virus Attack: Network are the most dangerous place for files. All forms of virus attack the system when a file is shared and downloaded to your local system. They take charge on the system and destroy the file saved on the system along with the MOV files. They make the MOV file unplayable or cause problems with audio or video streams which is the most frustrating. Due this reason even Photo booth movie clips will also get corrupted and in order to repair Photo Booth movies, you can use efficient Repair MOV File Software.

Header Corruption:  Basically, a file constitutes of two parts one is the header and other the body. When a file is accessed, first the operating system verifies the header part and make the content accessible to users. The header of the file contains all the details regarding the file including the details of audio and video streams. If a header is corrupted by some means of data disaster then it may cause out of sync error in QuickTime video

How to fix out of sync audio error? MOV Out Of Sync Audio Repair Tool is one of the prominent software that you can trust on to fix out of sync audio MOV without causing any harm to the system. It can repair MOV file error along with MP4 files. It supports to fix audio streams in formats like  sowt, RAW, mp4a and video streams of avc1, mp4v, mjpeg codecs.

Once the file is repaired you will able to preview it using the preview option facilitated in MOV Out of Sync Audio Repair tool. It also enables you to repair MOV file on Mac and Windows of the latest versions with ease. It can fix all the issues in all parts of the damaged QuickTime. You can try using the demo version of the tool to repair the MOV file. Once you are satisfied with the results go for full version by purchasing the tool online.

Steps to fix out of sync audio MOV:

Step 1: Launch Fix Out of Sync Audio MOV software are installing it on your computer. Browse and select the damaged MOV file from the main screen

Fix Out of Sync Audio MOV - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Page

Step 2: After finishing the scan the software facilitates the preview of the fixed QuickTime file

Fix Out of Sync Audio MOV - Preview File Screen

Fig 2: Fixed MOV File

Step 3: Save the repaired file in any valid path using "Save" option

Fix Out of Sync Audio MOV - Saving MOV file

Fig 3: Save Repaired QuickTime File

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