Hunting for a Software to Repair Corrupt MOV?

Don’t wander over the net searching for the best tool.  Mac MOV Repair tool is right here to resolve all the issues.  This is a robust, yet user friendly software that has the capability to perform read only operations on the damaged MOV file and fix them in an efficient way. Mac MOV Repair software can be easily downloaded on all latest versions of Windows and Mac to fix broken MOV file.

QuickTime Player is one of the major media player that was developed by Apple for Mac system. First they were launched as a standalone application but later it was introduced as a part of the Mac installation package.  When these files are played and used on your system it may undergo damage causing the play operations to fail. These problems have to be fixed with an aid of a repair tool. You might get different tools on net to fix this problem but most of them can prove to be an absolute disaster to the problems than proving to be a solution. You need a right tool to fix MOV file on Mac otherwise you might end up worsening the damage than resolving it. This article describes How to Repair a Corrupt MOV File on Mac and the best software that can be compatible with all Windows and Mac systems to fix MOV file Mac.

Events that cause the corruption of MOV video files:

Sudden system shutdown: Power problems are unpredictable. They can happen at any time at any moment. If a power failure occurs while playing a MOV file, it leads to the abnormal exit of video files which turns to be an absolute data disaster. Abnormal termination causes the damage to header parts of the MOV files and makes the file unplayable

Codec problems:  Codec is the required program in media players to support the playing of respective files.  Since QuickTime player embeds codec for MOV, these files play on this player. Any problems in the execution of codec can sometimes cause the corruption of MOV files that are currently playing

Improper compression:  Though hard drives have sufficient space, sometimes you may need to reallocate space to save large files. For this you may have to perform a compression of files to reduce the file size and make sufficient space for storing the new data. Sometimes compressing a video file can cause problems in video or audio streams resulting in file damage. You may have to fix out of sync audio and video streams with a aid of a software. By using MOV Repair Software you can also Repair Photo Booth Movie which is corrupted due to several reasons such as Virus Infection, Accidental program crash, etc. To know how to fix photo booth movies, do visit this page:

How to Repair a Corrupt MOV File on Mac? To fix MOV file Mac caused due to the above scenario, you can make use of Mac MOV Repair that is considered as the best among the different available repair tools. This software gives an awesome results by identifying the root cause of the damage and fix movie files efficiently. This software works well on Mac Leopard, Mac Snow Leopard, Mac Lion and Mac Mountain Lion versions. Apart from MOV file, you can also use this convinenient tool to repair MP4 video files Mac with utmost ease.

It also facilitates the option to save the fixed QuickTime file in any desired location on the devices that are currently connected to the system. It is capable of fixing errors on MOV files and make the file accessible to you with its original clarity. Besides repairing MOV files the software enables to fix damaged MP4 files as well. So stop waiting and download the software fast and fix the issue in movie files

Steps to explaining how to repair a corrupt MOV file on Mac:

Step 1: Install the Fix MOV File Mac software on your system and run the tool. From the first screen browse and select the corrupted MOV file that has to be repaired

How to Repair a Corrupt MOV File on Mac? - Main Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

Step 2:The software fixes the damage and displays a screen with the preview option as shown in figure

How to Repair a Corrupt MOV File on Mac? -Fixed Video Preview Screen

Fig 2: View Fixed MOV file

Step 3: Preview the fixed QuickTime file and save it to a desired location

How to Repair a Corrupt MOV File on Mac?- Save Fixed Quiktime file

Fig 3: Save Repaired MOV