QuickTime file is a major file format used for video files. Generally referred as MOV files, they provide a high clarity and best sound effects. This is why most of the entertainment videos and films are created in this format. MOV files are generally supported to be played on the QuickTime media player. This was developed by Apple for Mac and as well as Windows.  Now is available for all the latest versions.

QuickTime was developed as a standalone application for Windows and to play a MOV video a Windows user has to download and install this media player on his host system. It is painful to know that the only copy of your favorite video file is damaged. MOV file corruption can happen under different circumstances that happen to occur all of a sudden on your system.  Not to worry at all!! Read this article to repair not playing MOV without any assistance of others. All you need to do is, download the given software on your local system and perform a simple fixing process. Before getting into more details on how to fix broken MOV video file, let us have a brief discussion about the reasons behind the broken of MOV files or unplayable MOV files.

Most of them love to watch movies from the net during their leisure times. When such movies are downloaded from the net, you may face interruptions from various means such as power surges, internet disconnection etc. The incomplete transfer of files cause the corruption of QuickTime files that you were downloading

Every media player contains codecs that support the playing of the respective form of video file types. Hence, QuickTime consist of codec MOV files. Sometimes due to the without knowledge users try to play the Qucktime file in any other inappropriate player. This can result in MOV file damage and tends to the need to fix the damaged files. To know how to play QuickTime movie on Windows 7 system, then visit the following link: http://www.howtoplaycorruptmov.com/quicktime-movie-on-windows-7.html.

How can you avoid corruption on video files?

To prevent corruption of files you need to consider some points in mind. First of all you need to protect the system with two things first with a UPS system and second with an Antivirus program. Connecting a UPS to the computer will help you resist damage caused due to sudden shutdowns. Antivirus software helps to scan and delete the threats before they get into the system and cause file damage

What is the solution for QuickTime files not playing?

The answer is just simple using a Fix Unplayable MOV software. This software is highly efficient to repair QuickTime not playing within instance of time. It can repair MOV errors caused as a result of different data corruption events. Check http://www.howtoplaycorruptmov.com/fix-error-file.html to explore more details on fixing errors in MOV files. Apart from repairing QuickTime files not playing, it enables you to preview the fixed file before restoring them back on the system.With the help of this software, you can also fix corrupted MP4 video files with utmost ease.

This software has the capability to fix even damaged MP4 video files with ease. If you have a MOV file with synchronization problems then use this software to repair out of sync MOV audio and video streams. You will be able to execute this software on all latest versions of Windows and Mac without any problems to repair QuickTime files not playing.

Steps to repair QuickTime files not playing :

Step 1: Click the download button on this page and install Fix Unplayable MOV software on your system. Run the tool and the home screen is displayed. Now browse and select the path of the damaged MOV file to fix QuickTime files not playing

How To Fix Errors In Outlook.pst File? - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Page

Step 2: The scan on corrupt video is initiated as shown in the given figure to repair not playing MOV file

How To Fix Errors In Outlook.pst File?- Open PST Screen

Fig 2: Repair Progress Screen

Step 3: On completion the software facilitate a option to preview the file. Select and preview the file

How To Fix Errors In Outlook.pst File?- Select Destination Path

Fig 3: Preview Fixed MOV

Step 4: Save the fixed MOV file to any desired location after you buy the software online

How To Fix Errors In Outlook.pst File?- Preview Outlook folders

Fig 4: Save Repaired MOV