Tool to Repair Movie Files from Photo Booth

Photo Booth is a great application (app) which enables you to take photo snapshots and to make movie and other video clips. Photo Booth provided with a single window containing a viewer that gives you a preview option when taking photos and video clips. Thumbnails of saved videos and photos are directly displayed along with the bottom of the window. These movies and photos can be easily shared via built in share option.

The file extension of movie file is .mov which specifies a multimedia container file which contains where each track stores a particular type of data that includes subtitles, audio and video effects. These movie files might be the important collection of yours that were taken from Photo Booth application as it provides amazing backdrops and effects which can make the movie interesting.

But while using Photo Booth application you may come across the scenarios due to which you will not be able to play movie files, it means that your movie files are corrupted for which you need to repair Photo Booth movie. If you are not finding any better tool to perform corrupt Photo Booth movie repair then don’t be panic as here is a best tool called Repair MOV File Software which will easily repair Photo Booth movie along with that, it also helps you to repair MP4 video files which has got corrupted or damaged.

Photo Booth movie repair needs to be done due to the following reasons:

Virus Attack: Virus is a small program enters into the system or the other devices via by internet or by some infected devices. Once the virus entered into the storage device, it starts corrupting the files and these files may also include movie that were saved on Photo Booth application folder.

Forgot to Press Stop: While recording important movie clip on photo booth application, you might have closed the Window by pressing ‘X’ on the top left corner instead of pressing stop after recording the movie clip. This movie clip will be saved on the Photo Booth but it does not show a preview image as other files, and when you try to open this movie clip it does not open instead it will display an error message. So in order to Fix Error in MOV File, you can make use of MOV repair tool.

Unexpectedly Quit: The Photo Booth application sometimes unexpectedly quits while recording movie clip. However, movie clip that has been recorded when the application was working fine will be saved but to open or play this clip, you need to use Repair MOV File Software to start repairing Photo Booth movie.

Accidental Crash: If the Photo Booth application accidentally gets crashed, then all the .mov files will get corrupted and you won’t be able to play or open it. So in order to repair Photo Booth movie you must use Repair MOV File Software.

Repair MOV File Software is a specialized video repair tool that can perform corrupted Photo Booth movie repair easily and within short period of time. This advanced repair tool will also help you to know how to play QuickTime movie on Windows 7 system. In order to perform corruptted Photo Booth movie repair, it utilizes an automated repair process which extracts audio and video separately and later adjoins them to create a new playable video. It is a simple interface and facilitates even the non technical person to comfortably use the tool to repair Photo Booth MOV files. This software efficiently used to repair corrupted movies recorded on cell phones, various brands of digital cameras etc. When performing the repair process it does not affect the source file, it just scans and extracts data from Photo Booth movie and stores it in a new healthy MOV file.

Steps to know how to repair Photo Booth Movie:

Step 1: Install Repair MOV File software on your system where you are using Photo Booth Application and run the tool to repair Photo Booth movie files. From the first screen, browse and select corrupted Photo Booth Movie that has to be repaired and then click on Repair as shown in Fig 1 to start repairing Photo Booth movie.

Fig 1: Home Screen

Step 2:The software fixes the damaged Photo Booth movie and displays a screen with preview option as shown in Fig 2.

Fig 2: View Fixed Photo Booth Movie

Step 3: Preview the fixed Photo Booth movie and save it to a desired location as shown in Fig 3 once you finish repairing Photo Booth movie.

Fig 3: Save Repaired Photo Booth Movie